My latest obsession has been looking at ideas for creating gallery walls.  You can create a gallery wall on any wall in any room in your house.  Think beyond framed photos and create an art focal point.  Here are a few ideas go get you started. 

This would be perfect for an entry, behind the couch, in a family room, or home office to name a few.


Love the idea of a cutting board collection on the wall in the kitchen.


A wonderful idea for old silver!


This would be beautiful in a kitchen or dining room.


Great for behind the couch or in a bathroom.


Gather up items you collect and let your imagination run wild!   For more ideas on gallery walls check out our Wall Art and Behind Couch Wall Décor boards on

Happy Decorating!



Keep your home looking fresh and up-to-date by sprucing up your vignettes. It’s easy to keep the exact same groupings together year after year, but after awhile it feels good to switch up the scenery!  Start by shopping your own home.  Do you have other candlesticks, pottery, trays, urns, books, etc. in other rooms that might work in this space?  Start with a clean slate which will free up your creativity and play around with different combinations.  Even if you only change one element it will feel new again.   

When putting together a vignette there are a few basic design elements to keep in mind. 

SCALE:   Fewer items in a larger scale will fill up a space and have a cleaner, more updated look.

UNEVEN NUMBERS AND VARYING HEIGHTS:  When you are trying different combinations you will see how this basic rule is true!

TEXTURES AND PATTERNS:  Mix up textures and add interest with pattern.  Here I have used accessories that have both shiny and matte finishes. In the after picture you can see how adding a coordinating pattern with Villa Candles brings this look together and makes this vignette pop.

SHOP PREPARED:  When shopping for accessories for a specific space, bring a photo of the space, approximate measurements for the item you are hunting for as well as fabric or paint swatches.  I always have a small measuring tape in my purse which always comes in handy.

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My hope is for this blog to help you navigate the art of how to style your home.  I will be giving you tips and ideas on accessorizing each room covering areas like tables, counters, walls, mantles, and bookshelves to name a few.  Each home has its accessory challenges and I invite you to share your trouble areas by sending me photos at  Together we can discover new ways to spruce up our villas.  Start today by subscribing and sharing with your friends!  

Happy nesting!

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I hope you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season!




Create a memorable Thanksgiving for your family and friends by including a few special details. Here are some of my favorites.

Set up a special area for beverages and cocktails complete with signage on the offering for the evening.

Found on:

When setting your table, think about creating a comfortable yet beautiful space.  Mixing in some casual décor along with natural elements will set an inviting tone. You want your guests to feel at home and special. For texture, the wood on this table is exposed with a burlap runner.  Greenery and pumpkins in a muted green color palette are mixed with formal dinnerware, silver candlesticks and mercury glass for a stunning table.

Below is a cozy table using a plaid blanket for a tablecloth, an abundance of natural elements for a centerpiece, and a mix of casual and formal dinnerware. Rich autumn colors provide a welcoming atmosphere. 

Found on:

Adding a special touch can be as easy as tying a velvet ribbon around silverware at each setting.

Found on:

Here’s an idea for a new family tradition.  Write a question or message on a small piece of paper, fold into a square and wrap in foil.  Put the message between 2 small dinner roll dough balls before baking.  Write a question such as “I am thankful for (name of a dinner guest) because……. or “I am thankful for………….. This is a great way to get table conversation going throughout dinner and is a reminder of the meaning of this holiday. 

Send guests home with a little treat.

I would love to hear about your Thanksgiving décor and traditions!  Please email ideas and/or photos to share.  Mail to:

My hope is for this blog to be a home accessory forum and invite you to share your great ideas as well as your home décor challenges.  Together we will discover fresh new ways to spruce up our villas.  Start today by subscribing and sharing with your friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sweaters and boots are in the front of the closet, you are craving everything pumpkin spice, the weather is starting to feel chillier and it’s getting dark sooner, yep it’s official………nesting season has begun!  Villa Candles add a pop of color, a beautiful design element and cozy ambiance to your fall home.


A dining table fall centerpiece features a Gold Moroccan flameless candle from the Modern Loft Collection.

Fall Console 1 logo.jpg


A console table displays a fall vignette featuring two Orange Paisley flameless candles from the Garden Cottage Collection.


A Stone Fleur De Lis Wall flameless candle from the Paris Apartment Collection is featured in the beautiful home of a very special customer.

For more ideas on decorating your home for fall and Thanksgiving check out The Fall Home on Pinterest by clicking here.  I would love to share photos of Villa Candles displayed in your home! Please mail to:


My hope is for this blog to be a home accessory forum and invite you to share your great ideas as well as your home décor challenges.  Together we will discover fresh new ways to spruce up our villas.  Start today by subscribing and sharing with your friends!


Happy nesting!


The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to refresh your home office.  Here are a few ideas for creating an enjoyable space for working and dreaming. 

What do you look at from your desk each day?  If you are facing a wall, create an inspiration board with goals, motivational messages and photos of people, places and things that make you smile.  Limit your desk accessories to items you use all the time and that fit your style. 

Gray and white office.jpg

Change your screen saver to the ultimate view that you would like to see from your window while working.  Blogging from my Paris apartment with a croissant and a café au lait would be a fantasy of mine! 

Switch out those manila file folders and that beige stapler and add some flair to your desk.

Think about creating an accent wall.  It could be a wide stripe, wallpaper, metallic grass cloth or chalkboard.

Give your file cabinet a makeover.  Turn something that would ordinarily hide in your closet into a decorative piece of furniture for your home office.   Here’s a great idea using free pallets.

For more ideas click herePlease share your comments and ideas about your inspiring home office.  Email your home accessory challenges to Together we will discover new ways to spruce up our villas. Please join us and share with your friends!  

Here's to accomplishing great things!



Table Decor From The Farmers Market

Welcome to Villa Candles blog!  I hope to inspire you with fresh ideas to accessorize your home inside and out. 

As the owner of a charming furniture and home decor store for 9 years, many of my customers would ask my advice on decorating which is something I have a passion for!  I love helping people create beautiful homes. The key is editing your accessories to create clean and stylish vignettes.  The fun part is finding and using things you love and including special items that have meaning to you. 

I will share the latest home décor trends, show how to use accessories in new ways and give tried and true decorating tips to help you achieve the look in your home that you've always wanted.  I want this blog to be a home accessory forum and invite you to share your great ideas as well as your home decor challenges. Together we will discover fresh new ways to spruce up our villas.

One of my favorite summer activities is to grab my market basket and head to our local farmers market.  If you are entertaining, take advantage of the abundance of beautiful seasonal produce to decorate your table. 

Create a fruit or vegetable topiary. Fill the bottom of an urn with a dishtowel or crumpled paper level with the top. Then, place a thin layer of green tissue paper or brown kraft paper so you are starting with a natural colored base. Use any lettuce, herb or vegetable foliage to tuck in the sides or simply stack the tomatoes to create a topiary. There are many round fruits and vegetables that you could also use such as peaches, plums, or lemon cucumbers to name a few.

Instead of just putting a vase of flowers in the center of your table try this unique idea for your next dinner party. Use vintage silver in a casual way or a big white glass pitcher.

This little detail at each place setting sets the tone for your menu and will make your dinner guests feel special.  You could also use multi colored baby carrots with a bit of their leafy tops, Italian purple garlic or a small bunch of herbs.  The possibilities are endless!

This fabulous rustic centerpiece is perfect for a party in any season and can be used on a kitchen island or long dining table inside or out.  You could also fill a favorite basket, wood bowl or galvanized tin container.


Tip: If you are including any leafy greens, keep them refrigerated until shortly before your party so they remain looking fresh.   Table centerpiece one day and dinner the next!  For more ideas go to

Please share your comments and ideas on unique table centerpieces using beautiful bounty from the farmers market. Email your home accessory challenges to  I'm here to help and inspire.  Please join us and share with your friends!

Have fun shopping at the farmers market!