Create a memorable Thanksgiving for your family and friends by including a few special details. Here are some of my favorites.

Set up a special area for beverages and cocktails complete with signage on the offering for the evening.

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When setting your table, think about creating a comfortable yet beautiful space.  Mixing in some casual décor along with natural elements will set an inviting tone. You want your guests to feel at home and special. For texture, the wood on this table is exposed with a burlap runner.  Greenery and pumpkins in a muted green color palette are mixed with formal dinnerware, silver candlesticks and mercury glass for a stunning table.

Below is a cozy table using a plaid blanket for a tablecloth, an abundance of natural elements for a centerpiece, and a mix of casual and formal dinnerware. Rich autumn colors provide a welcoming atmosphere. 

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Adding a special touch can be as easy as tying a velvet ribbon around silverware at each setting.

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Here’s an idea for a new family tradition.  Write a question or message on a small piece of paper, fold into a square and wrap in foil.  Put the message between 2 small dinner roll dough balls before baking.  Write a question such as “I am thankful for (name of a dinner guest) because……. or “I am thankful for………….. This is a great way to get table conversation going throughout dinner and is a reminder of the meaning of this holiday. 

Send guests home with a little treat.

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Happy Thanksgiving!