Keep your home looking fresh and up-to-date by sprucing up your vignettes. It’s easy to keep the exact same groupings together year after year, but after awhile it feels good to switch up the scenery!  Start by shopping your own home.  Do you have other candlesticks, pottery, trays, urns, books, etc. in other rooms that might work in this space?  Start with a clean slate which will free up your creativity and play around with different combinations.  Even if you only change one element it will feel new again.   

When putting together a vignette there are a few basic design elements to keep in mind. 

SCALE:   Fewer items in a larger scale will fill up a space and have a cleaner, more updated look.

UNEVEN NUMBERS AND VARYING HEIGHTS:  When you are trying different combinations you will see how this basic rule is true!

TEXTURES AND PATTERNS:  Mix up textures and add interest with pattern.  Here I have used accessories that have both shiny and matte finishes. In the after picture you can see how adding a coordinating pattern with Villa Candles brings this look together and makes this vignette pop.

SHOP PREPARED:  When shopping for accessories for a specific space, bring a photo of the space, approximate measurements for the item you are hunting for as well as fabric or paint swatches.  I always have a small measuring tape in my purse which always comes in handy.

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My hope is for this blog to help you navigate the art of how to style your home.  I will be giving you tips and ideas on accessorizing each room covering areas like tables, counters, walls, mantles, and bookshelves to name a few.  Each home has its accessory challenges and I invite you to share your trouble areas by sending me photos at susan@villa-candles.com.  Together we can discover new ways to spruce up our villas.  Start today by subscribing and sharing with your friends!  

Happy nesting!

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